Why Work With Us?

With over 25 years Revenue Management experience, Manav Khera brings a wealth of knowledge and skill in mentoring and driving performance of hotels, motels and apartments.  With a beginning steaming back to 2003 where he started as a Front Office intern in the USA to then working as a Cluster Revenue Manager with IHG [InterContinental Hotels Group] across various portfolios with Australian based hotels. Manav then moved to Singapore as a Revenue Manager  with various assignments across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.

Manav and his team at Revnmore Consulting collectively bring over 25 years Revenue Management experience to drive performance in rooms, food and beverage, catering and other operating revenue streams.

Over 25 years of experience in Revenue Management and...



Questions We Help Solve

What opportunities are being “left on the table” to maximise the return on your asset?

Is your business planning for the future by recognising high and low demands periods?

Do you or your team have control over the commercial environment of your business?

How important is it for your employees to have a basic understanding of the commercial environment in your organisation?

Our Approach

We can help you answer these questions by focusing on the Revenue Management of your asset and exceeding the revenue performance & growing market share by:

  • Seeking our expertise and know-how of turning a declining business around by building a revenue culture;
  • Working with experts at Revnmore who have over 25 years industry knowledge in Revenue, Front Office, Sales, Catering, Quality Assurance & F&B;
  • Allowing you to concentrate on larger / long term items while we work on the day to day management of your revenue performance & growth in market share;
  • Increasing revenue and profit for less investment (salary + payroll, resources, training);
  • Agreeing to a customed revenue solution that you are happy with.

We understand that every property is at a different stage of the Revenue Life Cycle (RLC).  We will derive to a customized solution for your property.

Some of our Revenue Management achievements include:

  • Year-on-year market share growth of 8% in a stabilising market where growth remained flat
  • Creation of business modelling tools for Directors of Conference & Events (C&E) and Food & Beverage Managers (F&B), for better understanding of their business. The C&E tool was rolled out to other hotels in the area.
  • Accountable for rooms revenue of $60M across 4 hotels.
  • Mentoring of key personal in the hotel organisation to allowing them to become Revenue influences.

I have engaged with Manav in July to help with the delivering on our revenue targets.  I have been very impressed with his understanding of the business, and his personable approach to the team. Manav has always sat long side my team and ensured that the message and direction given has been fully understood, Manav also has taken his time to train and develop my revenue generation team and ensured that they have the skills to support the future direction we are heading. In the short time Manav has been with us, he has managed to turn around what was looking to be a tight budget into one that we have now surpassed. Thank You Manav – best wishes for the future. I highly recommend Manav to any business that is looking to win

– Craig Fleming, Front Office Manager

Melbourne, Australia

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