Business reviews, Audits and New setups

What we can provide

  • Like every good organisation; sometimes a business review with a clean, unbiased and fresh pair of eye is just what is needed to ensure you are doing everything possible to drive revenue to your business units.  Revnmore can help you uncover hidden opportunities or implement new tools to ensure you are maximising your revenue.
  • As the ‘accountants’ do, an audit will take activities a step further from the business review with a deeper drive on all commercial and operational areas of the business to ensure you are maximising revenues but also controlling expenses and creating new opportunities to ‘keep the guest’ with us.
  • If you have just commenced or taken over an asset, Revnmore can provide the tools & structures  you need in a new setup to ensure you operate efficiently and have effective measurements in place to make better decisions for your business.


These are just an example of services we can provide. For more information, please contact us today for a chat or view our projects that we have completed thus far.

As a property we had made the strategic decision to change channels managers, complete a full system configuration audit as well as restructure and implement the essential position of revenue manager within the sales team. The need for outsourced support was identified ensuring a highly developed level of skill and expertise were available on site during this transitional change over period. I had identified two ideal candidates, the support role was given to Manav Khera from Revnmore Consulting and we could not be happier with our decision.

Manav proved to offer all the expertise required; extensive PMS knowledge, configuration set up, highly developed revenue analysis and training, ability to clearly deliver tasks and training, identifying configuration improvements, extensive contact list to assist with the changeover, channel manager use and set up.   As a result, we have requested extra services from Revnmore.

It is a difficult task to put into words just how much Manav’s skills supported us during this period. We look forward to the growth we are already seeing on multiple fronts, I have no doubt it will continue!.

Kelly Henderson, Director of Sales & Marketing at Duxton Hotel Perth

Melbourne, Australia

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